1. Book an appointment

An appointment for trying out wedding dresses can be booked on our website at the link below. As soon as possible we are going to reach you with a given date when you can come to our store on trying.

2. Trying out dresses

Following a 2 hour dress rehearsal, charged 20.00€. Do not worry, we do not look at the stopwatch, we will be happy to dedicate you a few minutes more so that you are truly satisfied with your choice. If you decide to buy or rent one of our dresses, the amount of the test is considered as an advance payment.

3. Pre-book reservation

In case you find your fairy-tale dress here, you can pre-book a dress with 200.00€ advance payment, so that you’re going to be sure it will wait for you till your wedding day. Booking in advance does not have any rules about time meaning how further in advance you can book you dress.

4. Custom sewing

Subsequently, a custom sewing session is followed. Our dressmaker makes sure that any cut fits on you perfectly.

5. Re-trying

Someday 2 weeks before the wedding, we make one more trying of the selected wedding dress so that both the bride and the dressmaker can be sure that the cuts stand on you as they should.

6. Takeover and Return

Pick ups are on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday before the wedding day. In case that the outfit was borrowed, the dress than needs to be returned on Monday after the wedding. If the returned dress is damaged, we first take a look and according to the damage done we charge repairing from 10 - 150.00€ max.

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